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Gabriel Ricard

Stream of consciousness software fuckery.
Assembled by Gabriel Ricard, software developer, runner, dad, dude & occasional grumpy-pants. Bother me on Twitter & GitHub if you feel like it.

A real Reason component

01 October, 2018

In my last post I added support for ReasonML and made a very simple ReasonML component. This time around I dug into it some more and made…

Adding support for ReasonML to Gatsby

29 September, 2018

So, @ken_wheeler was talking again about ReasonML today at React Boston . I’ve poked around at it before. I’m intrigued. I’m interested…

Adding blog comments using Disqus

19 September, 2018

I wanted to add comments to this blog. You know, just in case any of you clowns want to yell at me, or spammers need another place to flood…

Upgrading to Gatsby v2 final

19 September, 2018

Congratulations to the Gatsby team for the v2 release! Ok, so now how the fuck do I upgrade from the v2 beta to the final release? Let’s…

Customizing Gatsby

11 September, 2018

I’m fucking around with this on the train again. Why not? It’s a neat new toy. So, I found this sweet CBGB font for free and made some…


10 September, 2018

If you’re asking what that picture is of, it’s of one of the most beautiful gaming consoles to ever grace this planet of ours. I’ll admit…