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Customizing Gatsby

September 11, 2018

I’m fucking around with this on the train again. Why not? It’s a neat new toy.

So, I found this sweet CBGB font for free and made some logo images real quick. Whoop-dee-doo!

I found some places in /gatsby-config.js where I could plop in some things, like the icon field in the gatsby-plugin-feed section. Then I saw a bunch of other places there where I still needed to tweak some text and personalize it. I missed the siteUrl, description, and pathPrefix the first time around. Updated now!

I also tossed in a Google Analytics tracking id, because why not? The plugin’s already there. I like easy peasy.

I’m curious how the fuck I reference files in /src/assets from pages within the system. I mean, I could just do someyhing like this, but it feels wrong (for hopefully obvious reasons).

import cdgdIcon from '../../assets/cdgd-icon.png';

I’ll fuck with that later.

Actually, I’d love a little script that sets up a new post directory for me and fills in with a title and the creation date for me, because I don’t fucking love writing formatted dates. Maybe there’s a better way to do that?

One last update. Just tossing the logo in the page header for individual blog posts instead of a text version. Throw this in my src/components/layout.js

<img src={cdgdLogo} alt="CDGD" style={{height: '4rem'}}/>


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